We merge design and growth expertise to empower entrepreneurs to build impactful brands and launch successful digital products.

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Finding the right team of talented individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset can be a daunting task when launching a new product. To mitigate this challenge, we established H&B, an on-demand team of co-founders with comprehensive expertise in designing, developing, and launching impactful digital products and brands.

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H&B aims to be an on-demand team of co-founders with expertise in:

Brand Strategy

This involves creating a brand platform that defines its vision and values, as well as developing a design system that embodies the brand's identity.


Product Design & Development

Our focus is on creating an exceptional digital experience, which involves conducting user research and designing high-quality screens with great attention to detail.


Growth marketing

We thoroughly explore, test, and analyze all possible methods to increase user acquisition and retention.

Entrepreneurial Mentorship

Our ventures are instilled with a culture of thinking big and implementing rapid test and learn methodologies to drive growth and innovation.


Research & Development

Through our network, we identify opportunities for innovation, which enables us to create and deliver robust digital products.


Funding Strategy

We establish key milestones and clear objectives for each development stage, along with the appropriate funding mix.

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