We partner with visionary founders to create thriving businesses using our resources and expertise.

A thriving startup needs planning, talent, and execution.

As a venture builder, we collaborate with visionary founders who are pushing the boundaries of digital innovation. Our goal is to work with them to develop their ideas from the ground up and scale the business together.

To achieve maximum startup success, we leverage the expertise of our experienced team of serial entrepreneurs in areas such as product design, marketing, development, sales, communications, and data science. No matter what obstacles arise, we are committed to supporting our partners throughout the entire process.


We are highly involved in the projects we fund and see ourselves as co-founders. Once we decide to support a founder's idea, we are fully committed to its success and work closely with them throughout the entire development process.


Our focus is on developing purposeful and compelling companies. We prioritize the "reason for being" of each project and devise the entire brand and business strategy from that foundation.


Our focus is on innovation that drives significant progress on a large scale, not just for the sake of business. We prioritize a select few projects to ensure they have the best possible chance of making a global impact, and we concentrate our resources accordingly.

Our DNA is built on creativity and collaboration.

We firmly believe that diversity fuels creativity, which is why we bring together a group of passionate individuals from various and complementary backgrounds. Our shared goal is to contribute to the launch of impactful ventures. Entrepreneurs, especially those in digital projects, face a myriad of challenges across different domains. To address this, we leverage a vast network of experts and resources who can offer timely and effective support to our founders.

Excellent founders require excellent backing.

Insufficient resources leading to failure despite having the right idea and team can be frustrating. We believe that ambitious and innovative projects require adequate resources to increase their chances of success.

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