We hatch impact startups and
boost them into scalable ventures

We're a Venture Builder

That co-creates early-stage startups from idea all the way to market.

With entrepreneurs who share our mindset, purpose, & energy
to drive social & environmental change, to co-found

embedded ventures born at the
intersection of tech & impact


we've seen entrepreneurial
talent emerging

and that’s why we’ve decided to fill the gap in the early-stage startup ecosystem!


What's in the box?

We invest in the
startups we venture build

and measure impact throughout the way.

We know what it takes to go from an idea to market.

And venture-building them alongside talented entrepreneurs as co-founders.

By validating concepts, selecting the most impactful, & generating traction in early stage.

We hatch ideas, boost startups, & build ventures.

  • Create several models, take them to market early, & iterate fast using a hands-on approach.
  • Build and grow startups with talent who eventually become our co-founders.
Together we work towards

Rethinking traditional

Creating solutions
to real problems

Positively impacting

to positively impact the
state of our world tomorrow.

Embracing & building tech with the entrepreneurs of today,

Impact nology Tech

Our Team

Faris Mesmar

Co-Founder & managing partner

Motaz Abu Hijleh


Sami Khoreibi


Mashal Waqar

Entrepreneur in residence

Dima Al Ashram

Sustainability & Social investment Advisor

Amine Bentaleb

Investments Advisor

We’re a group of builders with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, & worldviews

Our Porfolio

Includes startups from different verticals like: AgriTech, FemTech, FinTech, HealthTech
& we have more on the way!

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